Later this year we will be celebrating 5 legendary years of underground Trance and Progressive events that started at our home in Manchester. As always, for our birthday event we ask our loyal and dedicated #Ronguns to vote for who they want to see play at the event and provide an opportunity to suggest feedback around our events and how we can be even better!

Please take literally 5 mins to answer all of the questions in this quick survey. This helps to shape the line ups and direction of the brand over the following year and gives you the chance to make a difference and have your say in who you want to join us at our events. There are over 150 Artists to choose from on this list…

This is not an opportunity for artists or agencies (at any level) to promote themselves and run campaigns for their fans to vote for them.

This is not all about you. This vote is about the people that actually attend our events being given the opportunity to choose who they really want to see perform at our 5th Birthday Event.

If every artist on the list were to run a campaign to try to get the votes so that they are booked, the info we collect becomes skewed with irrelevant votes from fans of the artist that will never actually attend the events. This is not an opportunity to win a popularity contest by getting fans in random countries to vote for you.

We shouldn’t really have to say this but it has happened before. Please do not try to cheat the vote. We can see if votes are genuine and we can see if people are blagging votes. We WILL be able to spot it a mile off…. You will be named and shamed if you cheat…You have been warned…. Simples.